To Downton Abbey

Back from Quilt Market in Houston, and now we can (finally) share: I was thrilled to be one of the designers asked by Andover Fabrics to create a quilt using the recently released Downton Abbey fabrics! Downton Abbey is such a wonderful series, so of course, the answer was an enthusiastic YES! Luckily my mom, Jean Johnson, and our friend, Marilyn Davis were able to help piece the quilts, and Terry Burris was ready to quilt them!

Downton Schoolhouse

A box arrived in September and inside were fabrics inspired by the early 1900s to the 20s. It was an easy choice to make; the Nana’s Garden Path twin quilt was made with Lady Mary and the Dowagers fabrics and the bed runner with Lady Edith and Lady Sybill’s fabrics.


The twin quilt (modern hexagons) can be seen in the distance in this picture, taken at the Quilt Market Schoolhouse kickoff session. There were more than 1000 people in attendance! We listened to remarks by the Quilt Market team, then we were treated to an exciting trailer for Downton Abbey! The head of costume production and the head of set designs for Downton Abbey were there to explain the costuming and set design process. It was so interesting to hear about the time period, the fabric choices that suit each character and about the castle itself. Watch some the schoolhouse on YouTube here and here!

Booth Picture

Here is our booth; you can see the Bed Runner on the table on the right. These fabrics are so soft and pretty and they are offset by the pretty teal print used in the sashing.


If you would like to make your own Nana’s Garden Path, check out the pattern here. It’s a great way to use 2 1/2″ strips!

2 Responses to To Downton Abbey

  • Linda Ward says:

    How exciting to be asked by a major fabric company to make a quilt – for Downton Abbey no less!!! We have a couple stores locally that will be carrying the fabric. In fact one of them is having a Downton Abbey tea this coming Sunday!
    And by the way, I love your pattern choice! Good job!

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