Something Blue!

In the mood for some easy stitching? It’s summer, after all, and the greaBlog3t outdoors is calling!


A summer bag can satisfy that quick quilty fix, and here’s an idea that will give you that polished quilted look in no time at all!

The Tuesday Traveler is a favorite of mine, because it goes together quickly and needs just a little bit of texture to look terrific. So… let’s call on our old friend, blue masking tape. But, not just any old tape, how about 1/4″ wide? Yes, you can buy this – and it is a great quilting “cheat”! Below is a rectangle with fusible fleece applied:



Establish your first quilting line with a ruler; I chose to stitch 45 degree lines.  Lay the skinny masking tape beside the ruler and stick it to your mat. Then slide the ruler away, and press the tape down firmly on the fabric. Stitch close to both sides of the tape and remove the tape. Now bring your project back to the mat and  place a 1″ wide ruler beside the stitching and repeat by laying down another line.  Continue until you have completed your quilting – all without marks to remove!


Repeat with stitching the opposite direction for a checkerboard on point. The possibilities are endless!


I found my 1/4″ blue masking tape by “Googleing” it. It’s a really great addition to your quilting toolkit and one that won’t put you in the Poorhouse! (I live there, I should know!)


-Kris Poor


  1. Linda says

    Love the masking tape idea… and the updated look of the Tuesday Traveler! This was the first pattern I bought from Poorhouse Quilt Designs!

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