Glazed Sunflowers

We have been having loads of fun with Fabri-Glaze, the Textile Hardener by Innovative Craft Products. We use Fabri-Glaze to seal and stiffen our Sunflower bowls! Ask for it at your local quilt shop!

How we use Fabri-Glaze:

  • Apply Fabri-Glaze (in a thin coat) with either a sponge brush or very soft bristle brush. Coat your    project completely. If you would like to thin the Fabri-Glaze, add a small amount of water and mix. Fabri-Glaze looks like white glue at first, then dries to a clear coating.
  • Coat the project one side at a time, so that you can let the project rest on it’s “dry” side.
  • Allow to dry overnight before adding additional coats if needed. For ultra-clear, ultra-glossy results, bake your finished project in a 170F degree oven for 30-40 minutes (place on a clean piece of foil in the oven. You can also speed the drying  process by using a heat gun or blow dryer.
  • Add a second coat of Fabri-Glaze  to your project if you’d like it to resemble ceramic.
  • Once you have coated your  project with Fabri-Glaze, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth if needed!

Fabri-Glaze cleans up easily with soap and water while the liquid is still wet. Rinse brushes and containers in running water until clean.


Have fun! -Kris



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