Seashore Totes Giveaway

SeashoreTotes_GiveawayAre you dreaming of warmer days? Would you like to be ready early, with a pretty beach bag? We are giving away a selection from Andover Fabric’s Nautical Line (plus a solid cream chambray) to go with Poorhouse Quilt Designs Seashore Tote!


Don’t you just love this line? The bath houses are just darling. The anchors are so preppy. Get ready for summer!


To enter to win the fabrics and pattern, just comment on this blog post. Your comment must include the name of your favorite beach! On March 1st, we’ll pick a winner.


So go ahead and dream of warmer days, and comment away!

*** Thanks to everyone who commented! ****

The contest has ended – the winner, picked at random, using Eric’s Random Number Generator is…Althea!

It was so much fun to go to the beach, even if it was a virtual visit!

Happy Valentine’s Month!

Valentine Mug RugDo you need a hug? Or a rug? Or a mug? Well, how about all three? Here is a pattern for a Mug Rug (click here) - my hug to you. Send in your mug rug pictures to be featured in Poorhouse Quilt Design’s weekly newsletter!

Tuck this handmade beauty in with a pretty mug, some candy and of course a valentine and you have a sweet treat for your quilt buddy!




Mystery Quilt Invitation

It’s not Thursday, but I thought that I’d change it up a little this week!


Poorhouse Quilt Designs invites you to clean out your stash and join a mini-mystery quilt adventure. If you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive your instructions for this fun mystery! Sign up in the box at right.


The quilt measures 56″ square, but you can always add borders to make it bigger.


To start: Decide on the type of quilt you are making: will this be for a baby, a particular room in your home, a donation? Next, decide on background value – light or dark, you’ll need 1 yard total. It can be from an assortment of cuts or a single cut.


Decide on colors - we will be cutting fairly large pieces for your “blocks”- scraps that are 5″ square “qualify” for this mystery quilt. Gather lights (total of 1/2 yard), mediums (total of 5/8 yard) and darks (total of 1/2 yard). If you are using a dark background for your mystery, play with intensity instead of value – for example, substitute pale shades for lights and bright shades for darks, as shown below. Make sure that there is contrast between the background and each color. We’ll talk about borders next week.


001How will it work?


Every other week until the end of March 2014, a unit will be added to piece our stash away – and don’t worry, each unit is easy!


There are no special rulers to buy – it will be beneficial to use a ruler with a 45 degree reference line.


I’ll share my progress along the way with you on Pinterest. And, to keep it interesting, I hope you will too. Click here to go to the board on Pinterest!


Have fun!  -Kris

Freshen up your Quilt Studio!

008Start 2014 with a pretty sign that will make you smile! Another bonus – it can be finished in under an hour!

What you’ll need:

  1. Print out the template provided. Prepare lettering appliques per instructions provided.
  2. Remove paper backing and arrange the lettering on the Stretched Canvas.
  3. Fuse the letters to the Stretched Canvas; follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fusing;  using parchment paper to prevent the canvas from scorching. Another helpful hint: Fold up some quilt batting and place behind the frame to support the area of the canvas that you are fusing – this will prevent sagging.
  4. Add a faux “stitched frame” by drawing dashed lines with Fabric Marker around the edge of the stretched canvas as shown in the photo below.

Voila! A pretty addition to your Quilt Studio! Have fun! -Kris

This Holiday Season


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season!

-Kris and the Poorhouse Team

Cookie Recipe Swap


Share your Cookie Recipes with the Poorhouse Community! Do you have a fail safe cookie recipe that can be put together faster than you can cut the binding for that last minute baby quilt?


Post it on Facebook or on Pinterest and join in the fun! Quilters who post have a chance to win a pattern from Poorhouse Quilt Designs!


Keep stitching *and baking!



Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends and wonderful traditions!

Here is a beautiful poem written for this month, by a former resident of Derry, NH.

robert-frost-farm-derryMy November Guest

My Sorrow, when she’s here with me,

Thinks these dark days of autumn rain

Are beautiful as days can be;

She loves the bare, the withered tree;

She walks the sodden pasture lane.
Her pleasure will not let me stay.

She talks and I am fain to list:

She’s glad the birds are gone away,

She’s glad her simple worsted grey

Is silver now with clinging mist.
The desolate, deserted trees,

The faded earth, the heavy sky,

The beauties she so truly sees,

She thinks I have no eye for these,

And vexes me for reason why.


Not yesterday I learned to know

The love of bare November days

Before the coming of the snow,

But it were vain to tell her so,

And they are better for her praise.


To Downton Abbey

Back from Quilt Market in Houston, and now we can (finally) share: I was thrilled to be one of the designers asked by Andover Fabrics to create a quilt using the recently released Downton Abbey fabrics! Downton Abbey is such a wonderful series, so of course, the answer was an enthusiastic YES! Luckily my mom, Jean Johnson, and our friend, Marilyn Davis were able to help piece the quilts, and Terry Burris was ready to quilt them!

Downton Schoolhouse

A box arrived in September and inside were fabrics inspired by the early 1900s to the 20s. It was an easy choice to make; the Nana’s Garden Path twin quilt was made with Lady Mary and the Dowagers fabrics and the bed runner with Lady Edith and Lady Sybill’s fabrics.


The twin quilt (modern hexagons) can be seen in the distance in this picture, taken at the Quilt Market Schoolhouse kickoff session. There were more than 1000 people in attendance! We listened to remarks by the Quilt Market team, then we were treated to an exciting trailer for Downton Abbey! The head of costume production and the head of set designs for Downton Abbey were there to explain the costuming and set design process. It was so interesting to hear about the time period, the fabric choices that suit each character and about the castle itself. Watch some the schoolhouse on YouTube here and here!

Booth Picture

Here is our booth; you can see the Bed Runner on the table on the right. These fabrics are so soft and pretty and they are offset by the pretty teal print used in the sashing.


If you would like to make your own Nana’s Garden Path, check out the pattern here. It’s a great way to use 2 1/2″ strips!

New Patterns coming soon!

It’covershellss that time of year. Pattern designers are putting the finishing touches on new patterns, carefully packing samples to ship to Houston and checking off endless lists. At Poorhouse Quilt Designs, it’s time to get out the grid wall and building a mock booth in the garage. This is a sneak peek of what we’ll be putting on that wall!

Coastal Treasures – these small treats (6-7″ across) from the sea are just the right size for a small gift,  business cards or a place to stash change to save up for a beach vacation!

These bowls use moldable double sided fusible stiffener and batik scraps for a fun and functional result! The edges are finished using a zigzag and couching technique. Check it out here!Cover3

Seashore Totes continue the beach theme! These totes have been made using UnoFuse, by Innovative Craft Products,  a single sided fusible batting, that gives you just enough loft for quilting and yet is still thin. These totes feature an inner zipper pocket, slip pocket and sunglasses pocket. This is a large tote (16″ h x 20″ w), ready for all of your necessities on a sun-filled day!

Three designs are featured in the pattern: an Anchor, a Scallop Shell, and a Compass Star. Each design is large and easy to applique. The patterns include full size applique shapes so that you can get started right away!

These pictures were taken at Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH.

We’ll introduce the new banners next week!

A Sunflower Bouquet

I needed a little sunshine-y inspiration in my sewing studio today. How about a bouquet of sunflowers (Pattern #PQD-186)? I purchased an inexpensive set of (3) sunflower stems at my local crafty store and went to work.

I used 1 medium Sunflower Bowl and 2 small Sunflower Bowls for my stitch bouquet!

You can do this too!

Here’s how to do it (see pictures below):

  1. Dissect the stems to yield a flower, a receptacle (flower back) and a separate stem.  I did not need any special tools to do this, (just a firm tug). Set aside the flower to use on another craft project.
  2. Hot glue the receptacle (inside) to the back of a finished Sunflower Bowl.
  3. Add  hot glue into the mounting hole for the stem before inserting the stem.
  4. Allow the flowers a few minutes to cool.

Don’t they look cute in this green vase?

By the way, these bowls are shiny, because they have been glazed. See my previous post on glazing here!



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