Meet the Stratton Quilters!

From left to right, standing - Donna Pride, Joanne Noyes From left to right, sitting - Sherralyn Simpson, Cecile Newell.

From left to right, standing – Donna Pride, Joanne Noyes
From left to right, sitting – Sherralyn Simpson, Cecile Newell.

It all started when Joanne Noyes from Maine sent some questions via email one day; she and her group were making the Winter Memories Quilt and she needed just a little help to move it along. We started emailing back and forth, and it turns out the Stratton Quilters are quite active and interesting! So, I sent some questions for the group – how it started, how often you meet, favorite techniques. Joanne circulated the questions and summarizes by saying:  “In retrospect, looking at quilting, you just take it for granted – sewing.  But, after reading Cecile’s, Donna’s, and Sherralyn’s responses, quilting isn’t just about quilting.  It is a ring that encompasses so many, many facets of life.  So thankful that I have a ring of quilters around me.” I agree, Joanne!


Joanne Noyes Winter Memories

Blue Ribbon winner by Joanne Noyes

Joanne has also entered and won first place, a blue ribbon at the Topsham Fair for her Winter Memories Quilt – what an accomplishment!


So with the Stratton Quilter’s permission, I am sharing their story (written by Joanne), with photos of their beautiful Winter Memories Quilts:

“The group started back in 1998 in Stratton, ME  when Nancy Tanguay invited the local quilters that were members of the Kingfield group to her house to quilt.  After Nancy passed away, we met at Joanne’s house with just four quilters of the original group.  After the passing of two of our members, there were two members left, Sherralyn Simpson and Joanne Noyes.  Then Cecile Newell and four others joined and then for the last couple of years it has been just the four quilters, Cecile, Donna, Joanne and Sherralyn.

We meet every Wednesday, of course, weather permitting, at the Coplin Plantation Office from 11 am to 3 pm.  Over the years, our members have come from different area around the Eustis/Stratton area.  We  never put a name to our group – it was just our quilting group.”


“I feel we all have the same sentiments and thoughts as to quilting and the group.  I would like to quote what the other three quilters had to say:”


Donna's Winter Memories

Donna’s Winter Memories

Donna Pride:

“We always have a good time.  Yet, we can criticize each other’s work and accept it and learn from it. We pick our patterns and usually shop for the material together which makes different looking projects and more exciting.  The knowledge is the most important thing that I have got out of the group. Also the friendship of all three of the other women is just plain great.”


Cecile's Winter Memories

Cecile’s Winter Memories

Cecile Newell:

“I found at first that appliqué was tedious, but by working together it has become an addiction.  I do like to vary my sewing, piecing & appliqué mixed together in projects.  The friendships that I have formed have made my life so much better.  Always fun to try something new, like the ribbon art & jewels, etc. that you add to a project.  Five years ago, I wouldn’t have attempted to utilize them.  Our projects may come from the same design, but each and every one is different, and they all look wonderful when completed. “


Sherralyn's Winter Memories

Sherralyn’s Winter Memories

Sherralyn Simpson:

“My first love is hand appliqué but I also like to try new techniques and new products such as your ribbon art. We all share our knowledge and have all become better quilters because of it.”


Joanne Noyes:

“We all have the same love – quilting.  I had never quilted only dressmaking.  But once that bug bit me, I was a gonna.  Our aim is to improve our quilting techniques, learn from each other, try new patterns, new ideas and any method of quilting that will improve our knowledge.  If we can’t figure ­­­­­­the method out, we will ask as we did with your Winter Memories.  My fellow quilters know I have two sayings when a piece isn’t going quite right:


“It is a long time done.”


“Anything almost right is wrong.”


Ladies, thank you so much for sharing! The quilts that you made are amazing! It is wonderful to see the creativity from each and every one of you and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure!


Keep on quilting,



Something Blue!

In the mood for some easy stitching? It’s summer, after all, and the greaBlog3t outdoors is calling!


A summer bag can satisfy that quick quilty fix, and here’s an idea that will give you that polished quilted look in no time at all!

The Tuesday Traveler is a favorite of mine, because it goes together quickly and needs just a little bit of texture to look terrific. So… let’s call on our old friend, blue masking tape. But, not just any old tape, how about 1/4″ wide? Yes, you can buy this – and it is a great quilting “cheat”! Below is a rectangle with fusible fleece applied:



Establish your first quilting line with a ruler; I chose to stitch 45 degree lines.  Lay the skinny masking tape beside the ruler and stick it to your mat. Then slide the ruler away, and press the tape down firmly on the fabric. Stitch close to both sides of the tape and remove the tape. Now bring your project back to the mat and  place a 1″ wide ruler beside the stitching and repeat by laying down another line.  Continue until you have completed your quilting – all without marks to remove!


Repeat with stitching the opposite direction for a checkerboard on point. The possibilities are endless!


I found my 1/4″ blue masking tape by “Googleing” it. It’s a really great addition to your quilting toolkit and one that won’t put you in the Poorhouse! (I live there, I should know!)


-Kris Poor

All good things must come to an end…

And sadly, the Notion Commotion Blog Hop has ended! Thanks to all who commented! There will be more opportunities in the future, so keep on stitching!NotionCommotion

Congratulations to:

Marilyn, Karen, Lisa and Beth

These lucky ladies have won a pair of Dritz Soft Grip Tweezers, along with the new Fold’n Stitch Holiday Ornaments pattern, a package of beads and the foam shapes to make them!

A special thanks to everyone who joined in our collaborative blog hop -(my partner in crime – we couldn’t have done this without her) Kate Colleran of Seams Like a Dream Patterns,  Janice Pope, of Anything But Boring, Joanne Hillestad of the Fat Quarter Gypsy, Debbie Wendt of Wendt Quilting, Brenda Miller of Among Brenda’s Quilts, Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods, Laura Blanchard of Plum Tree Quilts, Susan Emory of Swirly Girls Designs, and Annette Ornelas of Southwind Designs. What a great bunch of gals!

Happy stitches! -Kris

Notion Commotion – Southwind Designs

Today’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Annette Ornelas of Southwind Designs!NotionCommotion Southwind Designs, which began in 2000, was developed to offer students unique quilting patterns that were easy, fun and could be done by any level of quilter. Owner Annette Ornelas wanted to teach quilting in a way that would put her students at ease in a relaxed atmosphere and provide a new spin on traditional patterns and quilts.

Annette will talk about the Bias Binding Simplified Ruler  - check it out here!

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Notion Commotion – Swirly Girls

NotionCommotionToday’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Susan Emory of Swirly Girls Designs! Susan is a fifth generation quilter, a graphic designer, wife and mom. Whew- a busy gal!

Susan will talk about the Creative Grids Kite Plus Ruler - can’t wait -  - check it out here!

Have fun hopping and I hope you enjoy the Commotion!!


Notion Commotion – Plum Tree Quilts

NotionCommotionToday’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Laura Blanchard of Plum Tree Quilts! You’ll love Laura’s patterns, they have that modern flair!

Laura will introduce Sew Red Glasses - check it out here!

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Notion Commotion – Perkins Dry Goods

NotionCommotionToday’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Celine Perkins, the designer behind Perkins Dry Goods! Celine started her company in 2002, offering traditional patterns that appeal to a variety of skill levels.

Celine will introduce the Corner Cutting Tool for Fast Flying Geese - join her here!

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Notion Commotion – Among Brenda’s Quilts

Today’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Brenda Miller, of Among Brends’a QuiltsNotionCommotion! I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda at a professional event in March of this year. Brenda is dedicated to her customer’s success! To find out more about Brenda and her quilts, click here.

Brenda will introduce the SewLITEjoin her here!

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Notion Commotion – Wendt Quilting

Today’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Debbie Wendt, of Wendt QuiltingNotionCommotion! Debbie likes to share her knowledge and encourage all quilters to do the best they can.  She encourages to enjoy the  process, explore the options, master your abilities, but most  importantly, have fun and give yourself credit when you have  accomplished each stitch. Debbie is from Massachusetts, near the Poorhouse, but she teaches far and wide – you may be able to catch a class with her!

Debbie will talk about her great tool (I know, because I use it!), Brilliant Bindings at her blog; to join her, click here!

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Notion Commotion – Seams Like A Dream

Today’s Notion Commotion Blogger is Kate Colleran, the designer behind the NotionCommotionSeams Like A Dream! Kate along with her partner, Elizabeth Balderrama started their business in 2003, with a goal of creating clear, concise instructions. Seams like a Dream patterns are like a quilt class in a bag!

To find out what notion Kate is introducing -click here -  can’t wait!

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